Group health insurance through your employer

  • discount for the entire family
  • more extensive reimbursements 
  • useful switch service
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Take out group health insurance through your employer

The advantages of group health insurance

Many employers have made agreements with us about group health insurance for their employees. This gives you more extensive reimbursements and lets you take advantage of a discount on the premium for both the general insurance policy and the additional insurance packages.

Group health insurance often also provides extra reimbursements, such as for physiotherapy and orthodontic care.

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Discount for the entire family

You can co-insure your entire family at a reasonable price, since your group health insurance discount applies to all family members insured on your policy.

Useful switch service

Once we have approved your application, we will cancel your current insurance for you. This makes switching to CZ as easy as possible and gives you peace of mind that you will always be insured.

Taking out group health insurance

You can take out group health insurance quickly and easily online. Be sure to ask your employer for the group insurance number first, as you will need it to calculate the premium. You will then be able to see your discount and take out the insurance policy.

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If you cannot take out group health insurance through your employer, you might be able to do so through your member organisation instead. Check whether your organisation has made agreements with us.

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