No deductible

The deductible does not apply to:

  • appointments with your general practitioner (a blood test ordered by your GP, however, does come under the deductible)

  • children aged under 18

  • midwifery care (including insertion of an IUD by an obstetrician)

  • obstetric care

  • medical aids on loan

  • multidisciplinary care

  • non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT) on medical grounds

  • nursing and personal care (district nursing)

  • healthcare costs and travel costs in the event of organ donation

  • foot care from a podiatrist for patients with diabetes mellitus

  • population screening (the deductible does apply to any follow-up screening)

  • healthcare reimbursed under your additional insurance package

When the deductible does apply

All other healthcare covered by the general insurance policy is subject to the deductible, and you may also be required to pay a personal contribution.

If you have a ‘Zorgbewustpolis’, CZ will refund your compulsory deductible up to an amount of €385 in case of:

  • Pelvic physiotherapy in connection with urinary incontinence

  • Walking therapy to treat intermittent claudic