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Switching to CZ health insurance

  • Top service: submit claims fast in the app and always get personal service
  • Most generous reimbursements: for exactly the healthcare you need
  • Over 20 benefits: from a discount on gym membership to a free skin check

CZ health insurance 2024

Our general insurance policies

Would you rather have the freedom of choosing your own healthcare providers for most providers or do you always visit a contracted one? And would you like to choose a voluntary deductible? Your wishes determine which general insurance best fits you. Whichever one you may choose: You will always be well-insured for the most important healthcare from your general practitioner, pharmacy or the hospital.

Extra benefits with group health insurance

You pay less if you take out group health insurance through your employer, member organisation or as a self-employed contractor.

  • Premium discount for the entire family
  • More extensive reimbursements
  • Many additional benefits to help you stay fit and healthy

Read more about our group health insurance

Our additional insurance packages

For extra assurance you can opt for an additional insurance. You can choose between several additional insurances with increasing reimbursements, and even specific packages for the younger people, families or the over 50s.

Our dental insurances

Costs can soon mount up if you have to visit the dentist, dental hygienist and orthodontist. Go easy on your wallet and protect your teeth with one of our dental insurance policies, which also cover orthodontics.

Why you should choose CZ

  • With every policy to any hospital in the Netherlands
  • Customers give us an 8.2 out of 10 rating
  • 4.1 milion satisfied customers

Register and switch

Switching to CZ could not be easier. Simply calculate your premium and take out the health insurance online right away.

Calculate your premium in just two minutes
  • We will cancel your current insurance policy for you.
  • You have a 14-day cooling-off period.
  • Children under 18 are co-insured free of charge.

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