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Extra cover with an additional health insurance package

With extra reimbursements for things like:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Alternative healthcare
  • Urgent medical care abroad

CZ's additional insurance packages 2024

Directly take out an additional insurance package?

Children are co-insured at no extra charge under the most comprehensive package

Choose the best possible cover for yourself and your child. Children untill the age of 18 are co-insured free of charge under the most comprehensive additional insurance package. That’s reassuring.

A package for every situation

When you take out additional insurance under one of our packages, you receive extra reimbursements for healthcare not included in the general insurance policy. We let you choose. The options range from your primary healthcare needs to special packages for young people, families or the over 50s.

Exclusive packages for your group insurance

If you decide to take out group insurance through your employer, sports club or your member organisation, you can also take out an additional insurance package that has been specially developed for your group at the same time.


Take out group health insurance

Top service

Submit claims quickly and fast in the app, and ask the CZ Healthcare Team all your questions. Our service is always personal.

Most generous reimbursements

For exactly the healthcare you need, whatever happens.

Over 20 benefits

From a discount on gym membership to help losing weight or a free skin check.

Register and switch

Compare our additional insurance policies and take out your health insurance online now.


Calculate your premium in just two minutes
  • We will cancel your current insurance policy for you.
  • You have a 14-day cooling-off period.
  • Children under 18 co-insured for free

Frequently asked questions

No, you never have to pay the deductible for healthcare covered by your additional dental insurance package.

You can only do so from 1 January of the following year. There are 2 exceptions:

  • When you turn 18
  • In some cases, when you start a new job

No, this is not possible. However, if you already have the general insurance policy and an additional insurance package with us, you can cancel the general insurance policy separately and continue the additional insurance package. Note that you will have to pay a surcharge of 25% on the premium for the additional insurance package.

An additional health insurance package is an insurance for healthcare that is not included in your general insurance. You can choose for an additional package when you need glasses or lenses, when you are pregnant, or when you want reimbursements for alternative healthcare.

You can take out an additional health insurance in order to prevent high healthcare costs. Do you suffer from cavities in your teeth, are you getting braces or do you want to be well insured in case you need healthcare abroad? In these cases you can take out an additional insurance package.

Take out a new health insurance when you:

  • turn18 years old
  • come to live in the Netherlands
  • return from your military service
  • are co-insured but you want your own health insurance policy

Do you already have a health insurance, and do you want to switch to CZ from the 1st of January? Make sure to register and switch to CZ before the 1st of January. We will cancel your current insurance policy.

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