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If you live in the Netherlands but have health insurance in another country, and you need healthcare here, the ‘Verdragspolis’ ensures that your healthcare is reimbursed in the Netherlands as well.

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Medical healthcare abroad

Whether you're visiting a medical facility abroad to receive treatment for your condition or complaint, or you are on holidays and you need urgent medical care. Read what you need to arrange.

Frequently asked questions

You can call CZ Customer Services while abroad on +31 13 594 9949.

If you need urgent medical care during your temporary stay in a foreign country, call the CZ Helpline on helpline. The helpline is staffed 24 hour per day.

If you have a GP in the Netherlands but you go to a GP in another country, the costs will be reimbursed up to a maximum of €9.59 per consultation in this year. If you are not registered with a general practitioner in the Netherlands, your health insurance will reimburse the rate for temporary patients. In this year this is up to €28.19 for a consultation of up to 20 minutes, with a cap of €56.39 for a longer consultation.

Yes, but only if you have a prescription from a general practitioner or medical specialist. You can have your Dutch general practitioner email the prescription to your holiday address. Do check first, however, whether the local pharmacy will accept the email from your Dutch GP as a valid prescription.

Besides that, you will need an itemised and readable invoice for the medicine, showing the name and address of the pharmacy, your name, the date and the details of the medicine dispensed.

Submitting a claim: if the invoice shows that the medicine was dispensed based on a doctor’s prescription, you can submit a claim as normal. If this is not clearly stated on the invoice, please also enclose the prescription from the general practitioner or medical specialist with your claim.

If you live abroad and work in the Netherlands, and you are insured with us, you will automatically receive an S1 (106) form.

In all other cases, ask the health insurer in the country where you work for the S1 (106) form. Use this form to register with a health insurer in the country where you live to be able to use healthcare there as well.

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