CZ Loss Recovery Service for accidents and medical negligence

If you have suffered losses or damage at someone else’s hands, the CZ Loss Recovery Service will help you determine whether you can demand compensation from the other party.

Expert claims help

The consequences of things like a car accident or medical negligence can often be very serious and difficult to assess. With a car accident, for example, the losses go beyond the damage to your car: you could also suffer loss of income, or incur costs that are not covered by your health insurance. In these situations, expert help is indispensable in assessing the damage.

Free consultation with a personal injury lawyer

CZ can arrange for a personal injury lawyer to discuss your situation with you for free, and without any obligations. The consultation takes place at a CZ location, the lawyer’s office, or in your own home. The lawyer will discuss the situation with you and determine whether there are grounds for a claim against the other party. If you have legal expenses insurance, be sure to contact your insurer.

We have made agreements with the following law firms:
The Hague: Haagrecht Advocaten
Enschede: Damsté Advocaten 
Etten-Leur: Asselbergs en Klinkhamer 
Margraten: Hartmans Advocaten 
Middelburg: Boogaard Advocaten
Tilburg: MannaertsAppels 
Flyct (claims outside the Netherlands)

Report an accident

If you have incurred medical costs due to an accident for which someone else was to blame, let CZ know. We can then try to recover the losses (our reimbursements) from the other party. However, we will not recover the deductible or any costs we have not reimbursed.

Please complete the accident questionnaire and send this by post to:
CZ Loss Recovery Service
Antwoordnummer 60355
5000 VB Tilburg, Netherlands.

Alternatively, you can call us on (013) 593 83 60 or send us an email.

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