Processing invoices may temporarily take longer

Have you submitted an invoice to us recently? Then you may have noticed that processing this took longer. We understand that this can be very annoying for you. And we are very sorry.

In the meantime, we have done everything we can to process invoices more quickly. We now process most of the invoices within 5 working days, as you are used to from us. Processing some of the invoices still takes a little longer.

We'd like to explain to you why the processing of some invoices now takes longer and how we can solve this.

Difficulties during the launch of our new system

Since the end of May we have been working with a new system that will enable us to pay your bills faster in the future. However, it takes time to move from the one system to the other, with the result that we were unable to process any bills during the second half of May.

As soon as the new system became operational at the end of May, we started processing the backlog of bills. We expected this to go quickly, but a new system often takes some getting used to and this was the case here too.

New privacy law

The Dutch privacy law has also changed. What this means, for one, is that if you are not insured for certain healthcare, under the new law we are not allowed to process the related bills. Now the healthcare provider will send those invoices directly to you.

How long does it take to process your bill?

  • When we receive a bill directly from your healthcare provider, we can often process this immediately.
  • If you submit us a bill, we will process the majority of invoices within 5 working days.
  • Processing bills for care abroad currently takes longer. During a holiday period we receive a relatively large number of bills for care from abroad and assessing these bills takes more time.

What’s still going wrong right now?

There are a few reasons why it is still taking longer to process bills:

  • There were problems with the new system. Though we managed to fix these quickly, we are still experiencing delays as a result.
  • We are receiving a lot of duplicate bills. Because it is taking longer than usual to process claims, people start to wonder if they actually did submit their bill and so they submit it again. That’s perfectly understandable, too.
  • Under the new privacy law, dentists can only submit bills to us if you have dental insurance with us. Some dentists are now opting to send all their bills to their patients directly, even if they have dental insurance. And that means you then have to submit the bill to us yourself. As a result, the bill processing queue has grown.

This is what we are doing to solve this problem

  1. We have brought in a lot of extra people to work through the backlog.
  2. We made new agreements with Infomedics, the agency that handles the administration for many dentists. As long as you have dental insurance, from 5 July they are again sending the bills for all treatments directly to CZ. If a personal contribution applies to the treatment, Infomedics will send you an invoice for that part of the bill.

Our apologies

We are very sorry that there has been a delay in processing the invoices. We understand that this situation can be very annoying for you. And we are very sorry. We assume that with this new system we will be able to process invoices faster than you were used to from us within a short period of time.

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