The difference between an in-kind policy and a refund policy

CZ offers three in-kind policies: ‘Zorgbewustpolis’, ‘Zorg-op-maatpolis’ and 'CZdirect basisverzekering'. CZ offers one refund policy ‘Zorgkeuzepolis’. What is the difference?

Healthcare from contracted healthcare providers

The premium you pay for an in-kind policy is lower, because you only go to contracted healthcare providers, i.e. healthcare providers with which CZ has negotiated a price agreement. You can always opt to go to a non-contracted healthcare provider instead, but an in-kind policy will not reimburse all your costs in that case. CZ has contracts with most healthcare providers in the Netherlands, so whether you opt for an in-kind policy or a refund policy, there is an ample range of healthcare providers you can choose from.

An in-kind policy is cheaper

The ‘Zorgbewustpolis’, ‘Zorg-op-maatpolis’ and 'CZdirect basisverzekering' in-kind policies are cheaper than the ‘Zorgkeuzepolis’ refund policy. The difference between an in-kind policy and a refund policy lies mainly in the extent of your reimbursement when you go to a non-contracted healthcare provider. The 'CZdirect basisverzekering' in-kind policy offers the lowest reimbursements, while reimbursements under the ‘Zorgkeuzepolis’ refund policy are the highest.

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