Dutch healthcare system complicated?

CZ makes it easy for you as an employer. With group health insurance your employees are fully covered. And enjoy many extras to stay healthy and fit.
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What is group health insurance?

As the name already suggests, group health insurance is intended for groups of people. Such as employees of a particular company, or members of an association. Since the policies apply to a larger group, we are able to offer a discount on the premium, as well as special healthcare services. This might sound complicated. Yet, CZ is happy to accompany you on this journey through the Dutch healthcare system.

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CZ makes it easier for you

  • Excellent insurance packages with discounts and generous reimbursements
  • Partnering with international health insurers in a global healthcare network
  • Free advice and help
  • English documents and support
  • Employees have free access to the English FitzMe health portal

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Additional benefits for the entire family

Your employee’s partner or children can also take advantage of the premium discount. And if they have a group additional insurance package, the entire family will enjoy the additional benefits.

Expat Health Service

CZ is the health insurer who helps you find and arrange the best healthcare all over the world. When you second your employees abroad, you want to make sure that healthcare for your expats and their families is taken care of. The same goes for foreign employees who come to work for you in the Netherlands. In either situation your employees are covered.

To make it easier for your employees we offer extra services:

Deductible payment in instalments Pay your deductible in instalments to avoid unpleasant surprises.
Switch service If your employee joins CZ, we will terminate the current health insurance policy.
Best claims app Really easy claim submission: bill - photo - send - done.

How can I get a group health insurance for my employees and their family?

CZ offers an easy way for a clear application. Contact our healthcare and occupational healthcare advisers. They will consult you to determine the best approach to informing employees.

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We understand that you might have some more questions regarding the group health insurance. We are happy to help. To ask your question or to complete the registration for the group health insurance, leave your contact information down here. Our advisers are pleased to help you further with the process.

We will only use your information to contact you about the group health insurance. Everything that you fill in will remain confidential.

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