CZ Helpline

If you have a health-related question while travelling abroad, or if you are admitted to a foreign hospital, call the CZ Helpline to get expert advice.

Call: +31 13 468 04 02

  • Available 24/7;
  • advice and assistance from a nurse;
  • help in arranging a letter of guarantee.

How the CZ Helpline can help you

CZ Helpline staff can advise you on whether you should see a doctor for a particular condition, and they will help you find a doctor or hospital near where you are staying. If you have a medical emergency and are admitted to hospital, please contact the CZ Helpline as soon as possible.

If your healthcare provider asks you to pay a bill of more than € 250 immediately, CZ Helpline staff can arrange a letter of guarantee for you so that you will not need to pay anything up front. This only applies if you have an additional insurance package with CZ.


When you call the CZ Helpline, the standard call charges for calling a landline apply, though you should keep in mind that the rates may be higher when calling from abroad.

CZ Helpline