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Health insurance when travelling abroad

Whether you are heading off on holiday or going abroad to live, work or study, you want to be well insured. This is what you need to know about your health insurance when travelling abroad.

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Living, working, studying or internship abroad

Studying or doing an internship abroad

When you study abroad you can generally remain covered under your Dutch health insurance. Make sure, though, that you remain registered with your Dutch municipality.

If you receive wages or an internship allowance, however, you possibly will need to cancel your Dutch health insurance. Contact the ‘Sociale Verzekeringsbank’ (national insurance scheme implementation body) for more information.

Study or an internship in the Netherlands

If you come to the Netherlands to study or do an internship, you must ensure that you have adequate insurance cover for unexpected medical costs. More information for students and interns

Going on holidays? Travel abroad well prepared

A citytrip to Prague or on a backpack holiday to Asia? Travel well prepared, wherever you go.

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Travelling and going on holidays

Do you need a holiday? Travelling well prepared is very important. See our tips for a care-free holiday.

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Don't forget your EHIC

Avoid having to pay a bill on the spot: always carry your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

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Check the latest travel advice

Check the travel advice before you head off: that way you know where it’s safe to go.

Medical healthcare abroad

Whether you're visiting a medical facility abroad to receive treatment for your condition or complaint, or you are on holidays and you need urgent medical care. Read what you need to arrange.

General insurance and additional insurance packages

If you need urgent medical treatment while abroad, this is covered under the general insurance policy, but only up to the rate that applies in the Netherlands. That’s sufficient for many countries, but not all. Fortunately, you can get cover for these costs too – with an additional insurance package. All our additional insurance packages give additional cover on top of that offered under the general insurance policy. We will then fully reimburse the costs. They also cover the costs of repatriation, the organisational costs charged through the emergency centre, dental help (up to €275) and oral care after an accident (up to €10,000). Our additional insurance packages start from as little as €1.95 per month.

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Need urgent medical care abroad?

Call the CZ Helpline on +31 13 468 0402 right away. Our nurses are on standby 24/7 to provide you advice and assistance, in your own language.

more about the CZ Helpline

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