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Travel abroad well prepared

It’s once again possible to go on holidays abroad. But what about your health and your health insurance? Being well prepared has never been so important as now. Follow these tips to help ensure a care-free trip.

Tips for a care-free holiday

1. Don’t forget your EHIC

Avoid having to pay a bill on the spot: always carry your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

3. Check whether your medical costs are covered

Since medical care is often more expensive abroad, carefully check which costs will be reimbursed.

5. Have the most important numbers to hand

Carry important numbers with you at all times, like the CZ Helpline (+31 13 468 04 02). Call this number right away if you need medical care while travelling abroad.

6. Use the 'CZ Declareren' app

With this handy app you can submit a claim for costs you paid on the spot at the doctor’s or pharmacy.

Smartphone with 'App de Verpleegkundige'

7. Download ‘App de verpleegkundige’

Having the 'App de verpleegkundige' (chat with a nurse) app is like having a nurse as a travel companion, providing you medical advice whenever you need it - free of charge.

Download ‘App de verpleegkundige’ (in Dutch)

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