Travel abroad well prepared

Have you got your EHIC, medical certificate, the helpline number? You can enjoy your holiday even more if you leave for your trip well prepared, and with our tips you can be sure you have not left anything behind.

1. Request your EHIC

Show your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) to prove you are insured and not have to pay medical bills on the spot. Don’t have your EHIC yet?

Request your EHIC

2. Need medical care? Call the CZ Helpline

If you need medical care when travelling abroad, call the CZ Helpline right away. A nurse will give you advice on your care and how it will be paid for.

Call +31 13 468 04 02

3. Check your travel insurance (and other policies)

Since your health insurance will often not cover all your medical care in another country, it is a good idea to check what is reimbursed for urgent care abroad. You can also check your cover on ‘My CZ’.

To cover additional costs, you might consider taking out travel insurance with cover for medical expenses.

4. Ask for a medical certificate and medication passport

Some medicines are strictly forbidden in certain countries so be sure to ask your doctor or pharmacy for a medical certificate listing the medicines you have been prescribed. The Dutch Central Administration Office (CAK) can also help you with this.

You can also get a medication passport, which is not compulsory, but is useful. It lists the medication you are on, as well as your allergies. Ask your GP, medical specialist or pharmacist for one.

5. Take your vaccination booklet with you

Your vaccination booklet lists the vaccinations you have received. If you get sick abroad, the doctor will immediately be able to see what you have been vaccinated against. You will receive a vaccination booklet when you go to a ‘GGD’ (regional health authority) or vaccination centre to get your injections.

5. Download the ‘CZ Declareren app’

You can claim your bills (Dutch or foreign) quickly and easily using the ‘CZ Declareren’ app. Please note that the following information must appear on the invoice: your name and date of birth, the name and address of the healthcare provider, the date you were treated, the nature of the treatment and the total amount.

Download the ‘CZ Declareren’ app from the App Store

Download the ‘CZ Declareren’ app from Google Play

6. Statement of insurance

Ask at the embassy of the country you are travelling to to find out whether you need a statement of insurance.

Request it by telephone
You can call us to ask for a statement of insurance. You will receive the statement within 10 working days, or you can open and print it on ‘My CZ’ once it is ready.

7. The Abroad Guide for tailored advice

The Abroad Guide (only in Dutch) provides you with advice 24/7 tailored specifically to your situation. Simply select your situation and answer a few questions and you will be shown the information that applies in your case.

CZ Customer Services