Changes to the ‘(Uitgebreide) Tandarts Collective’ additional insurance package in 2022

There will be several changes to your additional insurance package from 1 January 2022. Please find the changed terms and conditions and reimbursements below.


The intake at the dentist will be reimbursed as other oral care.

Reimbursement for crowns, bridges and implants is being increased from 75% to 80%. Reimbursement for other oral care is being reduced from 100% to 80%. The check-up will continue to be reimbursed for the full 100%.

Total reimbursement in the additional package 'Tandarts Collectief' for all oral care combined is being increased from €450 to €500.

Reimbursements 'Tandarts Collective' and 'Uitgebreide Tandarts Collective' additional insurance packages

Download the reimbursements overview for 'Tandarts collective'

Download the reimbursements overview for 'Uitgebreide Tandarts collective'

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