Group health insurance through MKB-Meijers

Starting from just € 131,90 per month in 2023 (based on a deductible of €385).

The group benefits you won’t want to miss

Additional insurance

10,0 % discount plus

Dental insurance

10,0 % discount plus

  • Roll over 5 unused physiotherapy sessions
    Not used all your physiotherapy sessions this year? Don’t worry. As many as 5 unused sessions will be rolled over to the next year.
  • An annual HealthCheck
    How’s your health? Find out with the HealthCheck, and get practical health tips to get working on your lifestyle.
  • More than 20 extra benefits to stay fit and healthy
    Including various online training options with a personal coach. Mindfulness training, for example.
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Here’s why you should choose CZ

Generous reimbursements

Reimbursements under our additional insurance packages are tailored to you with the help of your employer for exactly the healthcare you need.

Unique extra group benefits

Besides rolling over 5 unused physiotherapy sessions and the annual HealthCheck, we have more extra group benefits for you.

Trusted service

We make sure that all aspects of your health insurance are simple and convenient. We have been giving personal tailored advice for over 90 years.

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  • Always a 14-day cooling-off period
  • Children under 18 co-insured for free
  • Convenient cancellation service

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