Reimbursement mental healthcare

There are three ways in which we cover mental healthcare under our insurance.

1. General practitioner (GP)

Your general practitioner (GP) or the practice nurse can treat you. We fully reimburse this from your basic insurance. You will not pay the This is the amount you have to pay yourself before you start receiving reimbursement for healthcare. There are two kinds of deductible in the Netherlands — compulsory and voluntary — and the compulsory deductible is set by the government. In 2024, the compulsory deductible is €385. On top of the compulsory deductible, you can also opt for a voluntary deductible of up to €500. The deductible only applies to reimbursements under the general insurance policy.

2. GZ psychologist, psychotherapist or psychiatrist

Your GP refers you to a GZ psychologist, psychotherapist or psychiatrist. We reimburse this from your basic insurance. You will pay any outstanding deductible.

For a full reimbursement, visit a contracted mental healthcare provider. Check our contracted therapists here in our Zorgvinder.

3. Psychosocial therapist

Are you consulting a psychologist who is not registered as a GGZ mental healthcare provider, but is a 'psychosocial therapist'? We reimburse psychosocial healthcare from our additional insurances as 'alternative healthcare'. You do not need a referral from your GP.

It is important that the healthcare provider is affiliated with one of these professional associations for alternative healthcare (in Dutch). They also need to have completed a Plato-certified training course.

We cover a maximum amount per day, up to a maximum yearly amount. An example of this type of mental healthcare is relationship therapy. Read more about the coverage of alternative healthcare here (in Dutch).

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