Corporate Governance

CZ attaches a high degree of importance to maintaining good corporate governance. Transparency about your corporate governance and being held accountable in that regard are the key to a successful and reliable company.

Code for Health Insurers

CZ also adheres to the stipulations of the Code for Health Insurers. This code indicates the type of behaviour that the healthcare insurance sector regards to be correct. As a result of this, insured persons, healthcare providers and other interested parties are able to measure the conduct of their health insurer against the code.

Legal framework

The legal framework governing information obligations, transparency requirements and good corporate governance consists of the Health Insurance Act, the Dutch Financial Supervision Act and the Healthcare Marketing Regulation Act, amongst others.

The Health Insurance Act incorporates the regulations governing the selling of health insurance. These include provisions regarding the acceptance of insured persons and the content of insurance packages.

The supervision provided by virtue of the Dutch Financial Supervision Act can be subdivided into prudential supervision and the supervision of conduct. The purpose of prudential supervision is to ensure the integrity (soundness) of companies and this is carried out by ‘De Nederlandsche Bank’ (DNB). The supervision of conduct focuses upon the manner in which a company interacts with its customers and is carried out by the ‘AFM’. To meet all requirements, the Board of Directors signed a moral, ethical statement on the 18th of October 2011.

The Healthcare Marketing Regulation Act is aimed at improving the market operation within the healthcare sector.

Mission of Compliance

By ensuring compliance, CZ sets out to promote and secure the trust that the customer has in CZ. In our efforts to ensure compliance, we therefore go significantly further than simply making sure that we are fulfilling the requirements of the DNB in accordance with our licence. In order to communicate this, we have formulated the following Mission Statement:

CZ is an insurance company that sets out to guarantee the integrity of the company and its employees by ensuring compliance not only with the relevant laws and regulations, but also with its own rules of conduct that express the standards and values that apply within the organisation.