Telephone numbers

Do you have a question? Call the department you need right away. We are happy to help.

Customer Services

For questions about reimbursements, submitting a change, getting advice or getting approval from CZ.

Healthcare Team

For help in arranging and finding health care.

CZ Helpline

To arrange urgent medical care during your temporary stay in a foreign country

CZ Maternity care advisers

Request obstetric care and a maternity package

CZ Healthcare Line

For questions about illnesses, lifestyle or personal health

Contact for the press

If you would like to speak to one of our press officers, please contact:

  • Arjen Zwaan
    Telephone number: + 31 6 22 54 14 01
    E-mail: Arjen Zwaan
  • Monique Buunk
    Telephone number: +31 6 12 92 34 57
    E-mail: Monique Buunk

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