CZ Expat Health Service

Healthcare is arranged differently in every country, with different standards, rates, laws and regulations. You want your employees to be well covered for their healthcare needs and to be able to see the best healthcare providers, wherever they live or work in the world. If you employ expats, our tailored expat service is the solution for you.

The Expat Health Service is the right choice for:

  • your Dutch employees posted abroad; and/or
  • foreign expats who work for you in the Netherlands.

Required to have health insurance or not?

As far as health insurance is concerned, there are two types of expats:

  • Expats and their families who are required to have Dutch insurance 
    For this group, we provide a CZ general insurance policy and additional top-up insurance cover from one of our international healthcare partners. The general insurance is a refund policy with the same cover and premium discount that your group insurance offers.
  • Expats and their families who are not required to have Dutch insurance
    For this group, we offer a good, affordable insurance policy with one of our international healthcare partners.

Benefits of the CZ Expat Health Service

  • Worldwide access to the best healthcare for expats and their family
  • A single ‘service desk’: available 24/7
  • Never uninsured or doubly insured
  • A health insurance policy that meets the local laws and regulations

Our international health insurance partners

Our international health insurance partners are Allianz Worldwide Care, Bupa Global and Cigna Global Health Benefits.

Interested in the Expat Health Service for your employees?

Make an appointment to see one of our specialists and receive tailored advice, free of charge and with no obligations.

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  • The best healthcare worldwide
  • Free advice on complex issues
  • Tailored healthcare solutions

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