'50+' additional insurance package

From additional physiotherapy to the flu jab.

Care that is right for you

Whether you need physiotherapy or a new hearing aid, this package covers you for the type of healthcare you may need once you have reached the age of 50. Flu jabs and a carer course are also included.

Reimbursements '50+'

The following is covered under every additional insurance package

  • Urgent medical care abroad: 100%
  • Urgent dental care abroad: €275 per year
  • Dental costs after an accident: €10.000 per accident
  • Exercise programmes: € 350 per 3 years
  • Accommodation costs: €500 per year
  • Drop-in centres for cancer patients/survivors: €150 per year
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Taking good care of yourself

Want to looking after your health with an online health programme? Or have an extra session with the physiotherapist now and again? The ‘50+’ package has you covered. If you also want to be well insured for dental costs, take a look at our dental insurance packages.

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