Additional benefits with CZ group health insurance

It is always nice to get a discount on your health insurance premium, and you will get one. But what really sets our group health insurance policies apart are the many additional benefits you get to help you stay fit and healthy, both at work and at home. Find out which extra reimbursements you will get from 2020.

Make sure you have your group insurance number ready to hand or go to your company’s CZ group webpage.

Who it is for

All employees who have taken out group health insurance with CZ through their employer, get free access to the FitzMe portal. Take advantage of insightful articles, self-tests and exclusive modules. The prevention budget and additional reimbursements apply to nearly all of CZ’s group additional health insurance policies, i.e. the following:

  • ‘Basis Collectief’, ‘Basis Collectief+’ and ‘BasisExtra Collectief’
  • ‘Comfort’ and ‘ComfortExtra’
  • ‘Plus Collectief’ and ‘PlusExtra Collectief’
  • ‘Top Collectief’ and ‘TopExtra Collectief’

Discover the extra reimbursements you get

We have agreed custom arrangements concerning reimbursements with certain employers. Discover all the extra reimbursements. Check your company’s group webpage or My CZ.

Prevention budget

‘Prevention is better than cure’ is what we always say. Seeing as a healthy lifestyle is the foundation for good health, we would like to help you prevent health problems. And so we will give you, as an employee with group insurance, a prevention budget that covers the following: e-Health modules at the FitzMe portal, a health check, preventive examination and/or a flu jab.

This is your budget

Group additional insurance Budget
‘Basis Collectief’, ‘Basis Collectief+’ and
‘BasisExtra Collectief’
€150 per year
‘Comfort’ and ‘ComfortExtra’ €150 per year
‘Plus Collectief’ and ‘PlusExtra Collectief’ €200 per year
‘Top Collectief’ and ‘TopExtra Collectief’ €250 per year

Find out what your budget is

Check your company’s CZ group webpage or go to 'Mijn CZ' (only available in Dutch).

3 e-Health modules on the FitzMe portal

Live stress-free with the ‘Veerkracht’ (Resilience) module, stay physically fit with the ‘Sterk in Werk’ (Strong at Work) module, and sleep better than ever with the ‘Slaap Lekker’ (Sleep well) module.

Price per module: €119.79. This amount will be paid from your prevention budget.

How to access this service

You can take the modules on the FitzMe portal, where your personal online assistant will help you maintain a healthy working lifestyle.

Find out more about the FitzMe portal (only available in Dutch)

Health check on FitzMe

The health check on the FitzMe portal will help you find out more about your health, enabling you to pinpoint things to work on to improve your health. The test is made up of an online questionnaire, a home blood test kit and a tape measure to measure your waist. The health check will also have you measure your blood pressure yourself, either by using your own blood pressure meter or by going to your GP.

Price: €50.41. This amount will be paid from your prevention budget.

How to access this service

You can register for the health check on the FitzMe portal.

Find out more about the FitzMe portal (only available in Dutch)

Preventive examination

Another way to learn more about your health is the preventive examination. Your employer can arrange one for employees in consultation with CZ. Your employer and CZ will jointly determine what kind of examination is needed and whether any physical measurements are required, such as a blood test, urine test or blood pressure readings.
At the end of it, you will get a personal report that you can discuss with an adviser, such as a nurse, doctor’s assistant or a GP. With your consent, it can be paid for from your reimbursement for a preventive examination. With a preventive examination, you and your employer are both working on your sustainable deployability.

Reimbursement: up to a maximum of €75 per year. This amount will be paid from your prevention budget.

How to access this service

Your employer can request a preventive examination for you.

Flu jab

The annual flu jab protects you against the serious effects of the most common flu viruses, such as pneumonia. Your employer may decide to offer all employees a flu jab. With your consent, your prevention budget can be used to cover the flu jab.

Price: differs per healthcare provider.

How to access this service

Your employer will arrange it for you.

Additional reimbursements to keep you healthy at work

Peace of mind with the mindfulness app, an intake with a work-related physiotherapist, online help in case of psychological complaints and an online menopause consultation. These are the new, additional reimbursements you get with your group health insurance.

Mindfulness in the event of burnout

The Minday app will help you settle your mind and ease stress. The programme takes 8 weeks to complete.

What is reimbursed

We provide full reimbursement for following the program. The app costs €4.99, which we will not reimburse.

How to access this service

Minday is a programme designed by Shared Ambition. To sign up for the program you can go to Shared Ambition (only available in Dutch). If you are eligible for reimbursement, Shared Ambition will first schedule a telephone intake to determine whether the programme can give you what you need. If it can, you will be given a log-in code for the app to get started. If Minday is not what you need, Shared Ambition can advise you on what kind of healthcare you do need. If you have any questions, please email Shared Ambition or call them on +31(0)33 4337010.

Work-related physiotherapy intake

A work-related physiotherapist looks both at your physical complaints and your situation at work. An intake with a work-related physiotherapist is covered and consists of an interview, an analysis of your work situation and perhaps also a physical examination.

Tip: if your work-related physiotherapist advises you to have further work-related physiotherapy sessions, talk to your employer. In many cases, your employer will cover the costs.

What is reimbursed

We provide full reimbursement for the intake and 1 physiotherapy session is deducted from your credit for physiotherapy.

How to access this service

Go to one of the work-related physiotherapists we have selected specifically for this purpose. If you go to a work-related physiotherapist we have not selected, the costs will not be covered. Register for a work-related physiotherapy intake (only available in Dutch).


If you want to worry less, overcome anxiety or depression, or learn to get a handle on stress, the online training programmes by Vitalmindz will help you. Get started with the training programme and assignments in the comfort of your own home. You will get support from a therapist by email or over the telephone.

What is reimbursed

We will reimburse 100% per module and 1 module per year.

How to access this service

These online training programmes are offered by Vitalmindz. Register for Vitalmindz (only available in Dutch)

Online menopause consultation

If you have any questions about the menopause, ask the online menopause consultant. Consultations with the online menopause consultant cover subjects such as hot flushes and mood swings. And seeing as it is all done online, you won’t even have to leave the house for it.

What is reimbursed

A consultation with the online menopause consultant is reimbursed in full.

How to access this service

Register for an online menopause consultation (only available in Dutch).

Here’s what your partner and children will get

If you have a partner or a family, they too can take advantage of a premium discount. And if you want to make sure they get the very best cover, select a group additional insurance package. You, your partner and your children will then all get extra reimbursements for:

Group additional insurance

  • physiotherapy
  • vaccinations for international travel
  • personal contribution for obstetric care

Group additional dental insurance

  • dental costs
  • orthodontic care

Check the terms and conditions and reimbursements on your company’s CZ group webpage or 'Mijn CZ' (only available in Dutch) to see how much your partner and children would get in terms of extra reimbursements.

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