The group health insurance that offers plenty of additional benefits

CZ’s group health insurance is a smart choice. Not only does it give you a discount, you also get more than 30 additional benefits as well. Find out more about the most popular of them.

Available only with group health insurance

Help with stress, sleep and physical complaints

If you suffer from stress, a poor night’s sleep or physical complaints, you can do something about this with the practical information, exercises and online courses offered on the FitzMe portal.

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Test your health with the HealthCheck

Just how healthy are you? Test yourself using the HealthCheck on the FitzMe portal, simply and safely at home, with an online questionnaire and test kit you can use to take some measurements yourself.

More peace of mind with online mindfulness

We are often busy handling 10 different things at the same time. Mindfulness training gives you more peace of mind, and it works just fine online too. You also learn how to stay focused on one thing at a time.

And there’s more...

Many of the additional insurance packages also provide you with a personal prevention allowance, which you can use towards the costs of an online health course for example. What’s more, if you have additional insurance you can take advantage of two additional reimbursements: for an intake with a work-related physiotherapist and an online menopause consultation.

Plus access to these CZ services

  • 'App de verpleegkundige'
    If you feel unsure about whether or not to see a doctor, you can discuss your health concerns with a nurse. 
  • Check your skin with the SkinVision app
    Find out within 30 seconds whether or not a spot on your skin is something to worry about with this handy app.
  • Customer deals and discounts
    Get special deals and discounts on, for example, the gym, sportswear or your glasses.
  • Lose weight with Get Fit
    Get free help losing weight and receive a personalised plan sent to your inbox.
  • Personal advice from the CZ Healthcare Team ('Zorgteam')
    Get help finding and arranging healthcare, like waiting list mediation for example.

Online health programmes

The same additional reimbursements or a prevention allowance are not always offered under the 'Jongeren', 'Gezinnen' and '50-plus' additional insurance packages. To address this, we are offering something new in these additional insurance packages in 2021. You will have access to a personal allowance of € 60 per year that you can spend on one of the following courses: online mindfulness training, the HealthCheck on the FitzMe portal, an online 'baby and nutrition' course or an online 'healthy cooking' course.

Best claims app Really easy claim submission: bill - photo - send - done.
At any hospital

Care is always close by. Because you can go to any hospital in the Netherlands.

Deductible payment in instalments Pay your deductible in instalments to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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