Additional reimbursements to keep you healthy at work

Peace of mind with the mindfulness app, an intake with a work-related physiotherapist, online help in case of psychological complaints, and an online menopause consultation: these are the new, additional reimbursements you get with your group health insurance.

Most of our ‘Basis Collectief’, ‘Basis Collectief+’ and ‘BasisExtra Collectief’
‘Comfort’ and ‘ComfortExtra’
‘Plus Collectief’ and ‘PlusExtra Collectief’
‘Top Collectief’ and ‘TopExtra Collectief’

 provide you with the following extra reimbursements.

These are your additional reimbursements

  • Work-related physiotherapy intake
  • Mindfulness in the event of burnout
  • Vitalmindz
  • Online menopause consultation

Work-related physiotherapy intake

A work-related physiotherapist looks both at your physical complaints and your situation at work. An intake with a work-related physiotherapist is covered and consists of an interview, an analysis of your work situation and perhaps also a physical examination.

Tip: if your work-related physiotherapist advises you to have further work-related physiotherapy sessions, talk to your employer. In many cases, your employer will cover the costs.

What is reimbursed

We provide full reimbursement for the intake and 1 physiotherapy session. The physiotherapy session will be deducted from your physiotherapy balance. So, if you have an additional insurance package that covers 9 physiotherapy sessions, you will have 8 sessions left after the session with the work-related physiotherapist.

How to access this service

Go to one of the work-related physiotherapists we have selected specifically for this purpose. If you go to a work-related physiotherapist we have not selected, the costs will not be covered.

You can register for this service through LIJV.

Mindfulness in the event of burnout

The Minday app will help you settle your mind and ease stress. The programme takes 8 weeks to complete.

What is reimbursed

We provide full reimbursement for following the program. The app costs €4.99, which we will not reimburse.

How to access this service

Sign up through Shared Ambition (only available in Dutch), the company behind the Minday app. A telephone intake will be scheduled to see whether the app is appropriate for your healthcare need. If it is, you will be given a log-in code for the app and can get started right away. If Minday is not right for you, you will be given advice on what healthcare would be better suited to you. If you have any questions, please contact Shared Ambition using the form or by calling +31(0)33 4337010.


If you want to worry less, overcome anxiety or depression, or learn to get a handle on stress, the online training programmes by Vitalmindz will help you. Get started with the training programme and assignments in the comfort of your own home. You will get support from a therapist by email or over the telephone.

What is reimbursed

We will reimburse 100% per module and 1 module per year.

How to access this service

These online training programmes are offered by Vitalmindz. Register for Vitalmindz (only available in Dutch)

Online menopause consultation

If you have any questions about the menopause, ask the online menopause consultant. Consultations with the online menopause consultant cover subjects such as hot flushes and mood swings. And seeing as it is all done online, you won’t even have to leave the house for it.

What is reimbursed

A consultation with the online menopause consultant is reimbursed in full.

How to access this service

Register for an online menopause consultation (only available in Dutch).

Find out what arrangements your employer has made

We have agreed custom arrangements concerning reimbursements with certain employers, under which you will get additional reimbursements for certain kinds of healthcare. To see your additional reimbursements, go to My CZ.

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