Group health insurance through your employer

Group insurance makes financial sense. With group additional insurance packages, you get a premium discount and more generous reimbursements. However, group health insurance with CZ has even more to offer you as an employee.

Make sure you have your group insurance number to hand or visit your company’s group webpage.

Especially for you as an employee

  • Premium discount: both for the general insurance policy and for group additional and dental insurance packages.
  • Free CZ Stay healthy at work package: You get free access to the FitzMe portal, where your personal digital assistant will help you maintain a healthy working lifestyle. Take advantage of insightful articles, self-tests and exclusive modules to reduce workplace stress, sleep better at night and become physically stronger.
  • Additional reimbursements: to keep you healthy at work. Find all extra reimbursements.

Discover the extra reimbursements you get

We have agreed custom arrangements concerning reimbursements with certain employers. This means that the extra reimbursements and the prevention budget are not available in all group additional insurance schemes, though they are in most.

Discover all the extra reimbursements. Check your company’s group webpage or My CZ.

Deductible payment in instalments Pay your deductible in instalments to avoid unpleasant surprises.
Switch service If you decide to join CZ, we will terminate your current health insurance policy for you.
Best claims app Really easy claim submission: bill - photo - send - done.
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