Indexed rates for 2018

Several of the personal contributions and maximum reimbursements are set by the government to bring them into line with the current costs of the healthcare or medical aids in question.

Personal contributions

 Healthcare/medical aid  Personal contributions
 Lenses for glasses (for insured persons up to the age of 18) and contact lenses on medical grounds:
  • Contact lenses/lenses for glasses to be used for less than one calendar year, per calendar year
 € 115
  • A new lens on one side (1 contact lens or 1 lens for glasses) to be used for less than one calendar year, per calendar year
 € 57.50
  • Per contact lens/lens for glasses to be used longer than one calendar year
 € 57.50
 Orthopaedic shoes/hypoallergenic footwear:
  •  For insured persons under the age of 16
 € 69 per pair
  •  For insured persons from the age of 16
 € 138 per pair
 Maternity care:  
 Personal contribution for obstetric care, at home or at a birth clinic  € 4.30 per hour
 Personal contribution for care at a maternity centre or hospital without medical necessity  € 17 per person per day
 Personal contribution for outpatient childbirth without medical grounds  € 347.81
 Dental care:  
 Upper implant overdentures  8%
 Lower implant overdentures 10%
 Repair and rebasing of full dentures (upper and/or lower)  10%
 Hearing aids  25% from the age of 18
 Other medical transportation   € 101 per year

Maximum reimbursements

Healthcare/medical aid Reimbursement
Obstetric care in a facility without medical necessity € 122.50 per day
Reimbursement for transport € 0.30 per km
Wig (CZ consent required) € 431

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