2024 premiums for CZ health insurance policies

The health insurance premium (or medical expenses insurance premium) is a fixed amount that you pay for your health insurance each month. Compare the premiums for our health insurance policies. The amounts are per adult per month. Children under 18 are co-insured without charge.

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General insurance policies

The general insurance policy covers the costs of all essential medical care like visiting your general practitioner, visits to hospital or your medicines. In some cases, the healthcare you receive is subject to a maximum reimbursement amount or a maximum number of treatments.

The amount of your basic premium depends on several things. For example, if you opt for a higher voluntary deductible on top of the compulsory This is the amount you have to pay yourself before you start receiving reimbursement for healthcare. There are two kinds of deductible in the Netherlands — compulsory and voluntary — and the compulsory deductible is set by the government. In 2024, the compulsory deductible is €385. On top of the compulsory deductible, you can also opt for a voluntary deductible of up to €500. The deductible only applies to reimbursements under the general insurance policy., you will receive a discount on your premium. If you want to receive 100% reimbursement of your expenses for treatment by both healthcare providers with whom we have a contract and healthcare providers without a contract, you will generally pay a little more.

Insurance policy Deductible Monthly premium
'Zorgbewustpolis' (Limited in-kind general insurance)  €385 €143
  €885 €128
'Zorg-op-maatpolis' (In-kind general insurance) €385 €145.85
€485 €142.85
€685 €136.85
€785 €133.85
€885 €130.85
'Zorgvariatiepolis' (Combination general insurance) €385 €159
€485 €156
€585 €153
€685 €150
€785 €147
€885 €144
Eigen risico 400
Eigen risico 400

Additional insurance packages

Additional insurance packages give you extra peace of mind, with more reimbursements than you qualify for under the general insurance policy. For example, emergency abroad, physiotherapy or glasses and contact lenses.


 Insurance policy  Monthly premium
'Start' €2.15
'Basis' €8.90
'Plus' €24.80
'Top' €47.15 

 €23.05 (18 - 29 years old)
 €29.40 (from 30 years old)*

'Gezinnen' €67.55 
'50+' €18.65

* This premium becomes effective in the year after you reach the age of 30.

Dental insurance

Since the general insurance policy and most additional insurance packages do not cover dental care for adults, a dental insurance package is a good addition to your policy.

If you choose the additional ‘Jongeren’ or ‘Gezinnen’ packages, you will not need to take out extra dental insurance since this is already included.


Insurance policy Monthly premium
'Tandarts' €25.30
'Uitgebreide Tandarts' €41.25

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Frequently asked questions about the healthcare premiums

Everybody who lives or works in the Netherlands must take out general health insurance. This has been determined by the Dutch government. A general insurance policy covers the costs of all essential medical care like visiting your general practitioner, visits to hospital or your medicines. Everybody aged 18 or over also has a compulsory deductible for healthcare provided under their general insurance policy. In 2024, this deductible is Eigen risico 0.

Some forms of healthcare are not covered by the general insurance policy. For example, dental care for adults or physiotherapy. You can insure this type of healthcare by taking out an additional insurance package or dental insurance. Read more on the &lsquoHow your health insurance works’ page.

Yes, you will get a discount on your premium if:

  • you participate in a group insurance scheme through your employer or association;
  • you voluntarily opt for a higher deductible;
  • you pay your premium in one, two of four instalments per year.

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