Prevention allowance

'Prevention is better than cure' is what we always say. Seeing as a healthy lifestyle is the foundation for good health, we would like to help you prevent health problems. We do this by offering you a personal prevention allowance.

Here’s what you can use your prevention allowance for

Decide how you want to use the prevention allowance from your ‘Basis Collectief’, ‘Basis Collectief+’ and ‘BasisExtra Collectief’
‘Comfort’ and ‘ComfortExtra’
‘Plus Collectief’ and ‘PlusExtra Collectief’
‘Top Collectief’ and ‘TopExtra Collectief’

. You can choose from:

This is your allowance

The prevention allowance differs per additional insurance package.

Group additional insurance Allowance
‘Basis Collectief’, ‘Basis Collectief+’ and
‘BasisExtra Collectief’
€150 per year
‘Comfort’ and ‘ComfortExtra’ €150 per year
‘Plus Collectief’ and ‘PlusExtra Collectief’ €200 per year
‘Top Collectief’ and ‘TopExtra Collectief’ €250 per year

Do you want to know how much allowance you have left? Check My CZ (only available in Dutch) or call our customer service: +31 13 594 99 49.

Why prevention is so important

By living a healthy life, you feel fitter and you can prevent cardiovascular disease and diabetes. This way it’s likely that, in the future, you will need less medicine and healthcare. And that’s something that benefits the entire country because, with less medicine and healthcare being prescribed, we can keep the costs of healthcare down and keep the premiums affordable. That’s why we are happy to help you improve your lifestyle.

CZ Customer Services

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