What is a second opinion?

A second opinion is an opinion from a different doctor. It may be requested by the patient, but sometimes the attending specialist asks the opinion of another doctor. A second opinion does not involve new tests or examinations: the other doctor reviews all the material already gathered.

Four steps to a second opinion

  1. Ask your doctor for a referral

    You need this to be reimbursed for the second opinion.

  2. Make an appointment with another doctor

    Make sure you say that you are asking for a second opinion.

  3. Visit the other doctor for your second opinion

    You can use these handy tips to prepare for the consultation.

  4. Discuss the results with your own doctor

    You can then decide together how to proceed.

Costs of a second opinion

A second opinion is covered under the general insurance policy, though you will have to pay the This is the amount you have to pay yourself before you start receiving reimbursement for healthcare. There are two kinds of deductible in the Netherlands — compulsory and voluntary — and the compulsory deductible is set by the government. In 2021, the compulsory deductible is €385. On top of the compulsory deductible, you can also opt for a voluntary deductible of up to €500. The deductible only applies to reimbursements under the general insurance policy.

Advice from a leading international specialist

During your talk with the CZ Healthcare Team, your healthcare adviser will also consider the possibility of consulting a leading specialist from Best Doctors, just one of the extra services offered by CZ.

Frequently asked questions about a second opinion