Second opinion through Best Doctors

A second opinion lets you get the opinion of a doctor other than your attending doctor about your symptoms, diagnosis or treatment. With Best Doctors, this opinion comes from a leading international specialist. Best Doctors is a network of 50,000 top specialists who have been voted best in class by other doctors in their field.

To get a second opinion through Best Doctors

  1. Contact the CZ Healthcare Team

    An adviser will help you decide whether Best Doctors is right for your situation.

  2. Best Doctors will contact you

    The healthcare team will arrange this for you.

  3. Your medical file will be sent to the specialist

    Best Doctors will request your medical file on your behalf.

  4. You will receive a response as soon as possible

    Once your file is complete, you will receive a comprehensive medical opinion within 3 weeks.

  5. Discuss the opinion with your own doctor.

    You (possibly in consultation with your general practitioner or specialist) decide what happens next.

You can request a second opinion from Best Doctors if...

  • you have a general insurance policy with CZ or CZdirect;
  • you have had all the necessary tests, like MRI scans or X-rays;
  • the condition is strictly physical.

Frequently asked questions about Best Doctors

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