Getting help faster with waiting list mediation

If you are dreading the long wait for treatment, a different hospital may be able to help you faster. Our healthcare advisers would be happy to check this for you.

You can request waiting list mediation if...

  • you have not yet been scheduled to receive treatment;
  • you are insured with CZ;
  • you need specialist medical care (at a hospital or independent treatment centre), mental-health care or district nursing;
  • the waiting period is longer than the agreed waiting period.

Three steps to waiting list mediation

  1. Ask the CZ Healthcare Team for help

    Explain your situation.

  2. We check to see if waiting list mediation is an option

    And we will keep your wishes in mind.

  3. We discuss the options with you and provide further guidance

    The healthcare team will call you.

Frequently asked questions about waiting list mediation

CZ makes agreements with healthcare providers on how quickly you should receive treatment. We have made a list for you (in Dutch).

You can see all the healthcare providers we have agreements with in the CZ Care Finder (in Dutch). The waiting time is sometimes listed. If not, you can contact the healthcare provider of your choice.

CZ Healthcare Team

You can contact the healthcare team for support, to find out about regulations and for questions relating to your personal situation.