Changes in the CZ general insurances in 2022

Every year, the government decides which healthcare is covered by the general insurance policy. As a result, the reimbursements and terms and conditions that apply to your general insurance are set to change in 2022.

Test during pregnancy

The combined test will no longer be reimbursed. If there are medical grounds for a non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT), it will still be reimbursed.

Accommodation costs

If you are receiving CAR-T-cell therapy and you live over 60 minutes from the hospital, it is important that you temporarily stay near the hospital. The accommodation costs you incur as a result will be reimbursed up to a maximum of €76.50 per night for a maximum of 14 days.

Ventilation equipment

If you use mechanical ventilation equipment at home, you will be reimbursed for the electricity the equipment consumes.

Oral care up to the age of 18

The extraction of a tooth from one position and replantation in a different position (autotransplantation) will be reimbursed for insured persons up to the age of 18. Also, the intake at the dentist will be reimbursed for insured persons up to the age of 18.

Mental healthcare

If you receive mental healthcare without being admitted to a facility, from a healthcare provider with whom we do not have a contract, please make sure you request approval from us beforehand.

From 2022, mental healthcare facilities will send health insurers separate invoices for each treatment (instead of a total invoice for all treatments relating to a diagnosis). This will make the costs easier for you to understand and verify. It may also mean you may end up paying the deductible earlier on in the year.

Refund of the deductible when using e-Health

If you have a 'Zorgbewustpolis' and receive mental healthcare online, such as through e-Health, the compulsory deductible will no longer be refunded.

Approval for healthcare outside your country residence

If you go to a country other than your country of residence to receive treatment, and this involves admission (inpatient treatment), you will need our prior approval for this treatment to be eligible for reimbursement. This also goes for healthcare that does not involve admission (outpatient treatment) if the treatment is on the list of treatments outside your country of residence for which authorization is required. You can find this list and further information on reimbursements planned healthcare abroad.


If you use esketamine nasal spray (Spravato, for example) and get it from a supplier with whom we do not have a contract, please request approval from us for reimbursement of this nasal spray.

If you use artificial tears (Hylo Parin eye drops, for example). Please request approval from us for eye drops with 'hyaluronzuur' if they are not included in the medicine reimbursement system. Ask your pharmacy to check this.

Statutory personal contributions and maximum reimbursements

The government is adjusting the personal contributions and maximum reimbursements. To see the new rates, please visit (in Dutch).

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