Changes in the general insurances in 2019

Every year, the government decides which healthcare is covered by the general insurance policy. As a result, the reimbursements and terms and conditions that apply to your general insurance are set to change in 2019.

Combined lifestyle intervention

A combined lifestyle intervention consists of advice and support with respect to nutrition, exercise and behaviour. It will help you adopt a healthier lifestyle. From now on, a combined lifestyle intervention will be reimbursed under your general insurance policy. This applies if you have a heightened weight-related health risk and are aged 18 or over. Take a look at the reimbursement for combined lifestyle interventions (in Dutch).

Other medical transport

The reimbursement for other medical transport has been extended. Transport to consultations, tests and check-ups is now also reimbursed, provided it is related to your treatment. In 2018, only transport for treatment was covered. Other medical transport is subject to CZ’s prior permission. Take a look at the reimbursement for other medical transport (in Dutch)

Exercise therapy for COPD

If you have COPD stage II or higher, you will be reimbursed for exercise therapy from the very first session. The number of sessions you will have depends on your GOLD stands for the Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease. The GOLD classification is used globally and has been approved by the World Health Organisation.
. In 2018, exercise therapy was only covered from the 21st session onwards, but there was no maximum. Take a look at the reimbursement for exercise therapy for COPD (in Dutch)

Paracetamol, vitamins and minerals

The cost of prescribed paracetamol, vitamins and minerals also available at the chemist’s without a prescription will no longer be reimbursed.

Statutory personal contribution for medicines

As of 1 January 2019, the personal contribution for medicines will be capped at €250. This is good news if you need a lot of medicines, since there was no maximum for this personal contribution in 2018, leaving some patients with large medicine bills.

Bills from non-contracted healthcare providers

For certain reimbursements, the way you submit bills is set to change in 2019. This specifically concerns bills issued by healthcare providers with whom CZ does not have a contract. Read more about non-contracted healthcare (in Dutch)

Personal contribution and maximum reimbursements

The government is adjusting the personal contributions and maximum reimbursements. Read more about the personal contribution

Conditional reimbursements

Conditional reimbursements are reimbursements that have not yet been definitively included in the general insurance policy, such as in cases where a medicine or treatment is still under review.

Take a look at the conditional reimbursements (in Dutch)