Changes to your health insurance in 2023

Every year, the government decides what healthcare is covered under the general insurance policy, and how much the deductible will be for the year. This is announced on the third Tuesday in September. Take a look at what has changed for 2023.

Changes to the general insurance policy in 2023

  • NIPT
    If you are pregnant, a non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT) on medical grounds will be exempt from the deductible as of 2023. From 1 April 2023, an NIPT will also be free of charge if done on non-medical grounds.
  • Recovery care after COVID-19
    If you have had COVID-19 and still suffer serious symptoms, recovery care such as physiotherapy and occupational therapy will be reimbursed. This reimbursement had already been added to the general insurance policy on a temporary basis and has now been extended until 1 August 2023.
  • Group discount
    The group discount on the general insurance policy will no longer be given as of 2023. Group health insurance schemes will continue to exist and the discount on additional insurance packages will also be maintained. And instead of a discount on the premium for your general insurance, CZ has new group benefits for you.
  • Vitamin D
    As of 2023, vitamin D medicine prescribed to prevent or treat vitamin D deficiency will no longer be reimbursed under the general insurance policy.
  • Medication roll
    A medication roll is a way to organise multiple medications based on when they have to be taken. If you use a medication roll, this information is important to you. Up to 1 January 2023, pharmacy costs are charged separately for each medicine. From 2023, a subscription fee will be charged for the medication roll, which will be reimbursed under your general insurance policy, though you will have to pay the deductible.
  • Foot care
    The government plans to reimburse foot care for more medical conditions in 2023. This change is not yet final. From mid-November, you will find all the information about foot care reimbursements here.

Changes to the additional insurance packages in 2023

  • Physiotherapy
    If you have group health insurance with an additional insurance package for physiotherapy, you may be able to roll over 5 (unused) sessions to next year. See the details of how this works.
  • Contraceptives
    If you have an additional insurance package with a reimbursement for contraceptives, the reimbursement for contraceptives will go from €200 per year to 100%.
  • Skin therapy
    If you have an additional insurance package with a reimbursement for skin therapy, reimbursement of skin treatment (acne, camouflage, hair removal) will in future be conditional on the treatment being provided by a cosmetologist registered in the SKIN register.
  • HealthCheck
    You can get this health check reimbursed with a group health insurance policy or a ‘Jongeren’, ‘50+’ or ‘Gezinnen’ additional insurance package. Find out more about the HealthCheck.

Changes in the group health insurance

Are you insured through your employer or membership organisation? With a group health insurance from CZ you will receive more benefits and reimbursements in 2023 to work on your health. In addition to all the extras you get anyway.

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The compulsory deductible remains unchanged

Set by the Dutch government, the compulsory deductible is the amount you pay yourself for healthcare under the general insurance policy. The compulsory deductible for your health insurance will remain the same in 2023 at €385.

If you would prefer not to pay this amount in one go, CZ gives you the option to spread it out. This way, you will not pay the whole amount of the compulsory deductible in one go, but rather in instalments.

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