‘Top’ additional insurance package

This is our most extensive additional insurance package with the highest level of reimbursements.

Main reimbursements

  • physiotherapy: 20 sessions per year
  • alternative healthcare: €350 per year
  • glasses and contact lenses: €100 every 2 years

This is what’s included in the ‘Top’ package

Our ‘Top’ additional insurance package includes an impressive 20 sessions of physiotherapy per year. What’s more, it covers alternative healthcare, contraceptives, a hearing aid and more. Here are some of the reimbursements we offer:

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The following is covered under every additional insurance package

  • urgent medical care worldwide: 100%
  • urgent dental care abroad: €275 per year
  • oral care in the event of accidents: €10,000 per accident
  • exercise programme: €350 per 3 years
  • accommodation costs: €500 per year
  • drop-in centres for cancer patients/survivors: €150 per year

If you would like more extensive cover for your healthcare costs, see our other additional insurance packages.

4 reasons to choose CZ’s ‘Top’ additional insurance package


The most peace of mind

With cover for up to 20 sessions of physiotherapy, as well as alternative healthcare and glasses and contact lenses, you get the most peace of mind and the highest reimbursements


No deductible

There’s no deductible for healthcare provided under the additional insurance package



Personal contact

Personal contact is still an option with us. You can visit a mobile branch or one of the 18 service centres


We are the trusted experts

We have over 90 years’ experience in insuring healthcare and providing customised healthcare advice

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Take out the ‘Top’ additional insurance package now

Choose the ‘Top’ additional insurance package and you’ll also be covered for physiotherapy, alternative healthcare, glasses and contact lenses, and much more.

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  • convenient cancellation service
  • 14-day cooling-off period
  • children under 18 co-insured for free

Extra benefits with your insurance

When you take out insurance with CZ, you get a lot of extra benefits free of charge, including CZ’s 24/7 helpline for advice in case of health problems when you’re travelling abroad. You also get a discount on over 200 products ranging from glasses to sportswear.

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