Arranging healthcare

We will help you find the best hospitals, physiotherapists and other healthcare providers in your area, or arrange a second opinion or waiting list mediation. After all, two heads are better than one, and it is always good to have someone who has got your back.

Finding and arranging healthcare

Waiting list mediation

If there is a waiting list for the treatment you need, a different hospital may be able to help you faster. We would be happy to check this for you.

Help with your visit to the doctor

A good consultation

Arriving at your doctor’s surgery well prepared means you can ask the right questions and make the right decision together with your doctor.

Second opinion

If you have any doubts about a diagnosis or treatment, you can ask for input from another doctor. We can help you arrange a second opinion.

Questions about health and healthcare

Arranging healthcare

The CZ Healthcare Team can explain all about special arrangements and reimbursements, and give you advice on how to reduce your care duties and avoid feeling overwhelmed.

This is how the CZ Healthcare Team can help

CZ Healthcare Team

You can contact the healthcare team for support, to find out about regulations and for questions relating to your personal situation.