Travel insurance

If you are planning a trip or going on holiday abroad, you should bear in mind that health insurance policies do not always cover all the medical care you receive when travelling abroad. Take out an OHRA travel insurance policy with unique advantages for CZ customers: no more double insurance for medical costs abroad, and a 5% discount right away.

Extra reimbursements for medical care abroad

A good travel insurance policy will reimburse costs not covered by your general insurance policy, such as:

  • the costs you incur if you have to stay in a foreign hospital for a longer period due to an accident or illness;
  • the costs of repatriating a deceased person who died as the result of an accident or illness;
  • the costs of having to stay longer due to flooding, extreme weather conditions, or a search and rescue operation;
  • extra travel expenses if you need to return to the Netherlands early due to an urgent family matter;
  • extra costs abroad due to car or caravan breakdown;
  • repatriation costs (getting you back to the Netherlands from where you are staying).

Good travel insurance with advantages for CZ customers

We work together with OHRA to provide travel insurance. OHRA travel insurance is the perfect complement to your CZ health insurance policy, as it avoids you having double insurance for medical expenses and you will never pay too much. What is more, you will get a 5% discount on the annual travel insurance policy right away.

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