Health insurance deductible explained

If you are receiving healthcare covered by your general insurance policy, you pay the first €385 of the costs yourself. This is called the ‘deductible’. Read all about how this works.

Healthcare subject to the deductible

The amount of the compulsory deductible is set by the Dutch government. The compulsory deductible for 2020 is €385. The deductible applies solely to healthcare covered by the general insurance policy, with a few exceptions. For example, it does not apply to GP appointments or obstetric care.

Find out what healthcare is not subject to the deductible

Deductible ≠ Personal contribution

Although the personal contribution and the deductible are both healthcare costs that you will have to pay out of your own pocket, they are not the same thing. Here is a quick run-down of the differences.

The difference between the deductible and the personal contribution

Pay your deductible in instalments

If you expect to incur healthcare costs and would prefer not to have to pay the whole deductible in one go, you can opt to pay it in instalments.

  • Your deductible will then be split up into 10 monthly payments of €38.50.
  • We do not charge an additional fee for this.
  • If you end up not spending your whole deductible, you will automatically be refunded the unused part

Opt for a voluntary deductible and receive a premium discount

On top of the compulsory deductible of €385, you can also opt to have a voluntary deductible of up to €885. The higher the voluntary deductible you choose, the lower your premium will be. Do bear in mind, however, that you will be required to pay more of the healthcare costs you incur out of your own pocket.

How much you can add to your deductible as a voluntary deductible depends on the kind of general insurance policy you have taken out.

  • With the ‘Zorg-op-maatpolis’ or the ‘Zorgkeuzepolis’, you can choose a €485€585€685€785 or €885 deductible (compulsory and voluntary combined).
  • If you have a ‘Zorgbewustpolis’, you can only choose a deductible of €885 (compulsory and voluntary combined).

If you want to change your voluntary deductible, please let us know on ‘Mijn CZ’ before 1 January.

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