‘Zorgkeuzepolis’ general insurance

You choose which healthcare provider to visit and you choose your voluntary deductible too. And, as always, you get CZ’s tried and trusted service.

Discover the ‘Zorgkeuzepolis’ policy

  • Our general insurance policy with the most freedom of choice
  • Choice of 6 deductibles, from €385 to €885
  • 100% reimbursement for all healthcare providers (including those with no contract with CZ)
  • Decide for yourself: arrange your healthcare matters online or by post

What’s covered under the general insurance

Every year, the government decides what healthcare is covered under the general insurance; this applies equally to all health insurers. To give a few examples:

‘Zorgkeuzepolis’: 100% reimbursement for all healthcare providers

The biggest difference between the general insurance policies concerns your reimbursement for healthcare providers without a contract. With the ‘Zorgkeuzepolis’, it doesn’t matter whether or not your healthcare provider has a contract with us: we will reimburse 100% of the bill. There are still additional advantages of visiting a healthcare provider with a contract with CZ though.

Reimbursement of contracted healthcare

We will reimburse 100% of your invoice
  • Choose from among 45,000 healthcare providers
  • The best healthcare and the shortest waiting period
  • No need to pay up front: we pay the healthcare provider

Reimbursement for non-contracted healthcare

We will reimburse 100% of the bill up to the reasonable market rate in the Netherlands.
  • No agreements on quality and availability
  • Pay the bill yourself and claim the costs back from us

Choose between 6 deductibles

The selection of higher deductibles also differs per general insurance policy. You have 6 choices with the ‘Zorgkeuzepolis’ policy: besides the compulsory deductible of €385, you can opt for a voluntary deductible of €100, €200, €300, €126.25 or €500. You will get a discount on your premium when you opt for a higher deductible. Do keep in mind, however, that you will need to pay the first €135.25 to €500 in healthcare costs yourself should you need care.

3 reasons to opt for CZ’s ‘Zorgkeuzepolis’ policy


You are free to choose your own healthcare provider

100% reimbursement when you choose your own healthcare provider


Healthcare is always close by

You can go to any hospital in the Netherlands


Choose between 6 deductibles

Choose between 5 voluntary deductibles, in addition to the compulsory deductible

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Frequently asked questions about the general insurance

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