CZ health insurance premium overview 2019

Find out which health insurance policy is right for you and take a look at the premiums for our general insurance policies, additional insurance packages and dental insurance.

Drawing on reserves to keep premiums as stable as possible

In 2019, the premiums for the general insurance policies, additional insurance packages and dental insurance are higher than in 2018. This is partly due to the major reforms being made to the healthcare system and the increase in healthcare costs. CZ has used a sizeable portion of its reserves to keep the premiums as stable as possible.

Premiums for our health insurance in 2019

The amounts shown are per insured adult per month. Children under 18 are co-insured without charge. For 2019 the compulsory deductible has been set at €385 (this only applies to insured persons from the age of 18). You qualify for a discount on the premiums listed below if:

  • you take part in a group insurance scheme through your employer or member organisation;
  • you voluntarily opt for a higher deductible;
  • you pay your premium in one, two or four instalments per year.

General insurance policies

The general insurance policy covers the costs of all essential medical care like visiting the general practitioner, medical specialist and the hospital. For certain types of healthcare, a maximum reimbursement or maximum number of sessions/treatments applies.

Insurance policy Deductible Monthly premium
'Zorgbewustpolis' (Limited in-kind general insurance) €383 €120.45
  €885 €109.95
'Zorg-op-maatpolis' (In-kind general insurance) €385 €124.80
€485 €121.80
€585 €118.80
€685 €115.80
€785 €112.80
€885 €107.30
'Zorgkeuzepolis' (Refund general insurance) €385 €131.65
€485 €128.65
€585 €125.65
€685 €122.65
€785 €119.65
€885 €114.15

Additional insurance packages

Additional insurance packages give you extra peace of mind, with more reimbursements than you qualify for under the general insurance policy.

 Insurance policy  Monthly premium
'Start' €1.95
'Basis' €7.90
'Plus' €20.10
'Top' €36.96
  • €19.35 (18 - 29 years old)
  • €26.35 (from 30 years old)*
'Gezinnen' €48.20 
'50+' €17.45

* This premium becomes effective in the year after you reach the age of 30.

Dental insurance

Since the general insurance policy and most additional insurance packages do not cover dental care for adults, a dental insurance package is a good addition to your policy.

Insurance policy Monthly premium
'Tandarts' €20.85
'Uitgebreide Tandarts' €37.50

If you choose the additional ‘Jongeren’ or ‘Gezinnen’ packages, you will not need to take out extra dental insurance since this is already included.

Surcharges for special situations

If you live in Belgium for all or part of the period that you are insured with CZ, you will have to pay an insurance tax surcharge of 9.25% on the premium owed for the additional/dental insurance packages for the period during which you and your co-insured persons live in Belgium.

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