Aanvullende verzekering 50+

Get cover for the type of healthcare you need when you pass the age of 50. Flu jabs and a carer course are also included.

Main reimbursements

  • 13x Physiotherapy (roll over max 5 unused sessions to the next year)

  • Alternative healthcare € 350

  • € 300 coverage of the costs you have to pay yourself for hearing aids

This is what’s included in the ‘50+’ additional insurance package

When you reach the age of 50, some types of reimbursement, like for contraceptives or additional obstetric care, tend to become less important. The ‘50+’ additional insurance package takes this into account. Here are some of the reimbursements we offer:


  • Physiotherapy: 13 sessions per year (rollover up to 5 unused sessions to the next year)
  • Alternative healthcare: €350 per person per year
  • Glasses and contact lenses: €100 per person per 2 years
  • Acne treatment: €230 per year
  • Orthotic insoles: €60 per year
  • Hearing aid: €300 reimbursement for personal contribution
  • Online health programmes: €60 per year
  • Flu jab
  • Carer services

Not reimbursed

  • Dental care
  • Orthodontic care
  • Contraceptives
  • Sterilisation
  • Condoms
  • Childbirth course
  • Additional obstetric care

The following is covered under every additional insurance package

  • Urgent medical care worldwide: 100%
  • Urgent dental care abroad: €275 per year
  • Oral care in the event of accidents: €10,000 per accident
  • Exercise programme: €350 per 3 years
  • Accommodation costs: €500 per year
  • Drop-in centres for cancer patients/survivors: €150 per year
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4 reasons to choose CZ’s ‘50+’ additional insurance package


No deductible

There’s no deductible for healthcare provided under the additional insurance package


Always well insured

With reimbursements that suit your situation, like for physiotherapy, carer services and alternative healthcare


Personal contact

Personal contact is still an option with us. You can visit a mobile branch or one of the 18 service centres


We are the trusted experts

We have over 90 years’ experience in insuring healthcare and providing customised healthcare advice

Frequently asked questions about this insurance

You can take out an additional health insurance in order to prevent high healthcare costs. Do you suffer from cavities in your teeth, are you getting braces or do you want to be well insured in case you need healthcare abroad? In these cases you can take out an additional insurance package.

No, this is not possible. However, if you already have the general insurance policy and an additional insurance package with us, you can cancel the general insurance policy separately and continue the additional insurance package. Note that you will have to pay a surcharge of 25% on the premium for the additional insurance package.

No, you never have to pay the deductible for healthcare covered by your additional dental insurance package.

Yes, anyone can take out this insurance. The ‘50+’ additional insurance package covers healthcare often needed by people aged 50 or older.

If you would like to see the details of everything that’s covered, you can read about all the reimbursements. Or you can take a look at the package overview to see at a glance what’s covered under the general insurance and each of the packages.

To see the fine print on our rules, regulations and agreements, read our terms and conditions.

Extra benefits with your insurance

When you take out insurance with CZ, you get a lot of extra benefits free of charge, including CZ’s 24/7 helpline for advice in case of health problems when you’re travelling abroad. You also get a discount on over 200 products ranging from glasses to sportswear.

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