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Your health is yours and yours alone

Whether you need healthcare right now or want to remain healthy, we will continue to go the extra mile over the coming year, too, in helping you with your health and your healthcare needs.

Your CZ Health Insurance

New extra group benefits

With CZ, in addition to a discount on an additional insurance package, from 2023 you can roll over up to 5 unused physiotherapy sessions to the next year. You can also have an annual HealthCheck, a simple way of checking your health and lifestyle. And being insured under a group scheme means that you get more benefits and reimbursements to stay fit and healthy.

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Viewing your policy or notifying us of a change

If you would like to see your full policy or notify us of a change in your situation, it’s easy to do on ‘Mijn CZ’. There you can also see the premium for the additional insurance packages.

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Interested in taking out CZ health insurance?

At CZ we go the extra mile for our customers, offering excellent service, generous reimbursements, and packages with extensive coverage. It’s no wonder, then, that over 3.6 million people choose CZ each year. You too?

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