Notes to the ‘CZ Interventie Expert’ (CZ Intervention Expert) service consent form

When you give your consent to the ‘CZ Interventie Expert’ (CZ Intervention Expert), you are consenting to the processing of your information in the following four situations (i.e. for these data processing purposes).

1. Registering with an intervention provider

The CZ Intervention Expert (‘CZ Interventie Expert’) will register you with an intervention provider for an intervention. This means that we have to pass on your personal information to this company so that they can contact you for an intake interview. The details we provide are:

  • name and address
  • gender
  • telephone number
  • email address
  • whether you are on sick leave - fully/partially/NA
  • sick leave start date

2. Exchange of health-related information between the CZ Intervention Expert and an intervention provider

In some cases, information concerning your health will also be shared with an intervention provider, such as when you first went on sick leave, or what kind of intervention (such as physiotherapy) is required. The CZ Intervention Expert will always ask you for this information and discuss it with you first. The information will therefore only ever be shared with the intervention provider with your consent. The intervention provider needs this information to arrange an effective intervention. The CZ Intervention Expert also receives information from the intervention provider to use and process for the intervention. This includes:

  • quotes
  • invoices (if applicable)
  • progress reports (with information about appointment dates, progress, number of sessions, and the expected end date).

3. Sharing necessary data with your employer

For this intervention, we will share certain information with your employer. Firstly, personal information concerning your intervention will be used to compile statistical reports for the employer, containing information about the number of interventions provided by a specific healthcare provider. Such reports will under no circumstances contain data that can be traced back to individuals, meaning not back to you either. Health-related data that can be traced back to you may only be shared with your employer if your employer covers all or part of the costs of the intervention. In such cases, the data shared will include logistics reports (with information about appointment dates, number of sessions, and the expected end date), quotes, and claims. Your employer needs this information to be able to validate the invoices he/she is required to pay. There is a possibility that such documents will contain data concerning your health (number of sessions and the name of your healthcare provider). Information from your medical file will never be shared with your employer.

4. Processing your health-related and personal information

You ask the CZ Intervention Expert to register you for the service of the CZ Intervention Expert by ticking ‘Ik heb de toelichting gelezen’ (I have read the notes). You are expressly consenting to the processing of your personal and/or health-related information for the purposes described above. It’s completely up to you whether or not to use the service provided by the CZ Intervention Expert. If you opt to withhold consent for any of the five situations listed on the first page, we will inform your employer of this. The intervention will then not be offered through the CZ Intervention Expert.

Such documents may include health-related information (such as the name of the intervention provider). You can ask us at any time to stop using your personal and/or health-related information; your request must be in writing. The CZ Intervention Expert service will stop using your information as soon as we receive your request.

Should you decide not to use the services, or do not wish to give your consent for the use of your health-related information for these services, this is your right and the decision will not have any negative consequences for you. This has also been expressly agreed between CZ and your employer.

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