Health insurance by CZ

Choose your general insurance policy, additional and dental insurance package. There is always a package that suits you. Calculate the premium for your health insurance (medical insurance policy).

Our general insurance policies

The general insurance policy covers the main types of healthcare you receive, such as from your general practitioner, the hospital and the pharmacy. There are three general insurance policies to choose from, and they differ only in terms of the reimbursement you get when using healthcare providers who do not have a contract with us for the healthcare you receive. Our lowest priced general insurance policy lets you easily arrange everything online.

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Our additional insurance packages

Our additional insurance packages provide you with extra cover, for things like physiotherapy, alternative treatment methods or urgent medical care when travelling abroad. There is always an additional insurance package that is right for you.

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Our dental insurances

Fillings, crowns, broken teeth following an accident — a trip to the dentist can be expensive. We have 2 dental insurance options for you to choose from, one with a maximum reimbursement of €450 and one with a maximum reimbursement of €1,150 per year. Whichever you choose, you are well covered, including for orthodontics.

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Best claims app Really easy claim submission: bill - photo - send - done.
Help with your healthcare If you or a member of your family need healthcare, our healthcare advisers are here for you.
Insight into your healthcare costs ‘My CZ’ gives you instant insight into your healthcare costs.

Group insurance discount

Group health insurance gives you a discount on your premiums and more. It can be arranged through your employer or your member organisation, and there is group health insurance specially for self-employed people too.

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Switching to CZ could not be easier. Simply calculate your premium and take out the health insurance online right away.

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  • We will cancel your current insurance policy for you.
  • You have a 14-day cooling-off period.
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  • Children under 18 are automatically co-insured free of charge.

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