Discover your CZ health insurance in 2018

Choose the health insurance that suits you best. Select your general insurance plus an additional insurance for extra reimbursements such as physical therapy or dental care.

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Everybody is different. That's why CZ offers you several insurance packages. Select your package today and make sure your healthcare costs are covered.

  • Young, old, ill or healthy. Everyone is welcome at CZ.
  • We have made agreements with over 45,000 healthcare providers.
  • Children up to 18 are insured free of charge.

Do you want a single overview of all our health insurance packages? Download the package overview.

from €1.95 per month in 2018
  • Non-obligatory, additional packages
  • More extensive reimbursements
  • Choice of seven packages
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from €20.15 per month in 2018
  • Non-obligatory, additional packages
  • Specialist care for your teeth
  • Choice of two packages
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dental packages
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with deductible of € 385 €112.15 per month in 2018
  • Compulsory health insurance
  • Most essential reimbursements
  • Choice of three packages
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insurance packages
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It's easy to change insurers

Switch to CZ and we will cancel your existing insurance.

Fast payment

Already paid a bill? CZ will reimburse you within ten working days.

Online claims

Scan, upload, done. Send us your bill at 'Mijn CZ' (in Dutch).

Spread payment of the deductible

Deductible too big for one payment? At CZ you can pay by instalments.

Healthcare advice

Do you need personal advice? Our healthcare advisers are here to help you.

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You can check your policy, claims and treatments 24 hours a day (in Dutch).

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