Additional insurance 'Gezinnen' - for families

In 2018, the premium for the additional insurance 'Gezinnen' is €46.75 per month.

Does the additional insurance 'Gezinnen' fit your needs?

  • You want to have the best possible healthcare for you and your children younger than 18 years.
  • You want a single package with cover for you and your children, including dental cover.

Additional insurance especially for families

The additional insurance 'Gezinnen' offers extensive reimbursements for the cost of treatments and medical devices typically needed by adults and children.

What is reimbursed?

Apart from the reimbursements you receive under your general insurance, the additional insurance 'Gezinnen' also includes reimbursements for costs incurred by you and your children for:

  • Spectacles and contact lenses: €200 per two calendar years
  • Physiotherapy and exercise therapy: 12 treatments per year
  • Dental and oral care: €250 per year
  • Orthodontics: annual incremental reimbursement according to the CZ Brace plan (up to €2,500)

Premium discount

Does your company or organisation have group health insurance with CZ? Then you pay less premium. When calculating your premium, fill in your group number to see your discount.

Is this insurance suitable for you?

Tell us about your situation and we will help you make the right choice.

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