Additional insurance 'Tandarts'

In 2018, the premium for the additional insurance package 'Tandarts' is €20.15 per month.

Does the 'Tandarts' additional insurance package meet your needs?

  • You regularly visit the dentist or orthodontist
  • You do not require any intensive dental or oral care

Inexpensive additional dental insurance

The additional package 'Tandarts' reimburses the costs for treatments from a dentist and an orthodontist. You will be assured of good dental care and pay a low premium.

What is reimbursed?

  • Check-ups with the dentist are fully reimbursed. 
  • Other treatments are reimbursed at 75%. The total annual reimbursement for dental and oral care is €450. 
  • Orthodontics up to 22 years: 80% of the costs, up to €2,045, as long as you are insured with CZ.

How much does the additional insurance 'Tandarts' cost?

€20.15 per month. This amount is on top of the premium for your general insurance and any premium for another additional package.

Premium discount

Does your company or organisation have group health insurance with CZ? Then you pay less premium. When calculating your premium, fill in your group number to see your discount.

Is this insurance suitable for you?

Tell us about your situation and we will help you make the right choice.

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