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Do you live in the Netherlands but you work abroad? Then you have to take out health insurance in the country where you work. The countries of the EU/EER and Switzerland have made agreements about this.

Do you live in the Netherlands or another country and you work in the Netherlands? Then you are legally obliged to be insured in the Netherlands. CZ offers flexible health insurance for you and your family at an attractive premium.

Health insurance consists of a general policy, with optional additional cover and/or dental cover.

  • The general insurance is compulsory for everyone. The general insurance reimburses essential costs for medical care such as a GP, specialist or hospital.
  • Additional insurance is optional, and reimburses extra care.
  • Dental insurance reimburses costs for dental care that is not covered under the general insurance or an additional policy.

Your family can be co-insured, depending on your situation. 

For more information about our health insurance options, see under insurance.

More about care abroad and your insurance?

Our care and insurance tool shows you how your care will be insured and reimbursed.

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