'Zorgkeuzepolis (General insurance)

In 2018, the premium for the 'Zorgkeuzepolis' is from €122.60 per month (with a €385 deductible).

Is the 'Zorgkeuzepolis' suitable for you?

  • You want generous reimbursements for healthcare from providers who do not have a contract with us. 
  • You want to decide yourself how you arrange your health insurance with us. 
  • 7% of our customers choose the 'Zorgkeuzepolis'.
  • You can choose which healthcare providers you use.

What is reimbursed?

The 'Zorgkeuzepolis' reimburses essential medical costs such as:

  • Specialist medical care and hospital care 
  • General healthcare, such as the general practitioner, obstetric care, maternity care, speech therapy and dietary advice 
  • Medicines and medical aids 
  • Dentist (for children up to 18 years)

List of all reimbursements (in Dutch)

CZ has agreements with nearly all the recognised care providers in the Netherlands. If you go to a contracted care provider we take care of the bill. You don't have to pay in advance.

If you go to a non-contracted care provider you first have to pay the bill yourself. We will then reimburse 100% of the costs (based on the market rate).

Premium discount

Does your company or organisation have group health insurance with CZ? Then you pay less premium. When calculating your premium, fill in your group number to see your discount.

Is this insurance suitable for you?

Tell us about your situation and we will help you make the right choice.

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