CZ Overview of premiums 2018

On this page you will find the premiums for CZ health insurance for 2018. The amounts are per adult per month. Children up to 18 years of age are included free of charge.

The compulsory deductible for 2018 is €385.
You will receive a discount on the premiums below if:

  • you qualify for a collective insurance through your employer or a member organization;
  • you opt for a higher deductible;
  • you pay the premium annually or quarterly.

General insurance

The general insurance policies reimburse all necessary medical costs for GPs, specialists and hospitals. For certain types of care, reimbursement is limited to a maximum amount or a maximum number of treatments.

Insurance Deductible Premium
'Zorgbewustpolis' (Insurance In kind) €385 €112.15
€885 €94.65
'Zorg-op-maatpolis' (Insurance In kind) €385 €116.25
€485 €113.25
€585 €110.25
€685 €107.25
€785 €104.25
€885 €98.75
'Zorgkeuzepolis' (Insurance refund) €385 €122.60
€485 €119.60
€585 €116.60
€685 €113.60
€785 €110.60
€885 €105.10

Additional insurance

An additional insurance policy offers extra security alongside the reimbursements under the general insurance.

Insurance Premium per month
'Start' €1.95
'Basis' €7.75
'Plus' €19.70
'Top' €35.95
'Jongeren' €18.95 (18 up to 29 years of age)
€25.95 (from 30 years of age)
'Gezinnen' €46.75
'50+' €17.05

Additional dental insurance

The general insurance policies and most additional policies do not reimburse dental care for adults. Dental insurance can therefore be a useful addition.

Insurance Premium per month
'Tandarts' €20.15
'Uitgebreide Tandarts' €36.20

If you've opted for the additional insurance ‘Jongeren’ for young people, or ‘Gezinnen’ for families, you don't need additional dental cover.

Surcharges for special situations

If you live (for part of the insured period) in Belgium, you have to pay an assurance tax surcharge of 9.25% over the relevant premium for the additional insurance policies for the period that you and your co-insured live in Belgium.

What do you pay for this insurance?

Are you curious what you would pay for CZ health insurance with a payment or collective discount? Use our premium calculator. You can receive the premium as a quotation by email.

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