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What does CZ do?

Harm can arise from a variety of causes, such as a car accident, a sports accident, an assault or an alleged medical failure. The consequences are often serious and difficult to encompass. This might be damage to your car or your clothes. But also a loss of income, costs for home help or psychological harm. Determining what the damage is can be difficult. It's also not easy to say whether you're eligible for damages. Expert help can be indispensable.

CZ can advise you on your best plan of action. This could mean putting you in touch with a lawyer. Have you incurred medical costs, and is the other party liable? We may be able to recover the care costs paid by CZ from the other party. This means that we ask the other party to pay us for the costs we have incurred.

Help from a lawyer

Mediation by CZ is free and your first meeting with the lawyer is without obligation. The lawyer will assess together with you if someone else is liable for the damage. If you wish, you can ask the lawyer to take on the case for you. This can incur costs. Often you can have these costs paid by the party responsible for the damage. The lawyer will discuss this with you.

How do I apply?

Have you suffered harm? It is important that you contact CZ Recovery Service without delay on (076) 524 30 09 if you think you have suffered harm. Or send us an email:

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