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How would another doctor view it?

A second opinion could take away some of your concerns. CZ Care Service can advise you about the options.

An operation or similar treatment is no small matter. Maybe you are concerned about the diagnosis or the proposed treatment. Another doctor's opinion can help put your mind at rest. This is called a second opinion. CZ Care Service helps you obtain the second opinion, so that you feel more comfortable about your position.

What does CZ do?

You don't have to be seriously ill to use this service. A second opinion is every patient's right. If you call the CZ Care Service you will be able to speak with an expert adviser who will explain how you can arrange a second opinion. CZ can also offer you a second opinion from a top specialist.

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How do I apply?

Call the CZ Care Service where we can tell you more about the second opinion. The information you give us will be treated in confidence. You can call us from 8.30am to 5.30pm on (013) 594 91 10 (local rate).

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